Friday, May 7, 2021

All times are in PST (UTC -8)

08:30 Opening Remarks
08:40 Invited Talk Can machine learning revolutionize healthcare? Synthetic data may be the answer
Mihaela van der Schaar, University of Cambridge, The Alan Turing Institute, UCLA
09:10 Contributed Talk TBA
09:25 Contributed Talk TBA
9.40 Coffee Break + Posters
10:30 Invited Talk Generative Models for Image Synthesis
Jan Kautz, NVIDIA
11.00 Contributed Talk TBA
11:15 Contributed Talk TBA
11.30 Coffee Break + Posters
11:45 Contributed Talk TBA
12:00 Invited Talk Differentially Private Synthetic Data Generations Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Jinsung Yoon, Google Cloud AI
12.30 Lunch Break + Posters
1:30 Invited Talk Towards Financial Synthetic Data
Manuela M. Veloso, J.P.Morgan, CMU
2:00 Contributed Talk TBA
2:15 Contributed Talk TBA
2:45 Invited Talk Bias and generalization of deep generative models
Stefano Ermon, Stanford University
3:15 Invited Talk Generative Modeling for Music Generation
Sander Dieleman, DeepMind
3.45 Coffee Break + Posters
4:00 Invited Talk Ethical Considerations of Generative AI
Emily Denton, Google’s Ethical AI team
4:30 Discussion Panel
All invited speakers
5:30 Closing Remarks and Award Ceremony